Revenue Cycle Management

Realize Your Full Revenue Potential, Streamline your Cashflow to Maximize Reimbursements

Realize Your Full Revenue Potential, Streamline your Cashflow to Maximize Reimbursements
  • Do your Patient Access Solution throughly optimized?

  • Do your RCM Supports Patient-centered payments strategy?

  • Do your claim management software identifies all the billing errors?

  • Are you capturing all the rules from healthcare contract management?

  • Are you aware of all Healthcare Regulatory changes?

  • Do your current RCM workflow captures and leverage analytics for optimization?

  • Do your RCM secured and HIM Compliant?

Optimize healthcare revenue from pre-visit to collection

Drastic changes in the healthcare in the recent years require adoption of smart solutions to transform revenue cycle management operations. We help you align RCM workflow across complex, integrated, and interoperable systems to enable strategic growth. We collaborate to improve your operational efficiency and financial performance, enhance your analytical capabilities, deploy cutting-edge technologies, and embrace agile solutions with digital health, intelligent automation, utilization strategies, analytics, and patient experience initiatives.


We offer consulting capabilities and insight, bringing together a diverse set of perspectives to see your revenue cycle challenges from every angle. Our approach not only reduces inefficiency and speeds collections, but also delivers an ROI that supports other strategic investments to help you build a healthier planet.



Why Arihant Information Systems?

We help forward-thinking IT leaders design, use, and manage technology to enable business goals and improve outcomes. Our services in strategy, infrastructure, and operations are rooted in technical expertise in infrastructure modernization and hybrid cloud, IT operations and managed services, and cybersecurity.

By leveraging the real-world healthcare expertise across advisory, implementation, and managed services in the Healthcare; our clients can leverage comprehensive capabilities within a single, customer-oriented consulting firm.

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Revenue Cycle Management services we provide?

Design Consultation and Development

-> Workflow analysis & process improvement.

-> Revenue Cycle Management Product Development

-> Patient Access Solution Design & Development.

-> Patient Centered payments strategy Design & Development.

-> Healthcare contract management Software solution Design.

-> We help to capture Healthcare Regulatory Changes.

-> Workflow Capture and Intelligent Analytic Solution.

-> Analytics for AR management, Denials management, Cash Optimization

Revenue Cycle Management Consulting

Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) identify key workflow steps in the process and indicators based on the value and isolate major system gaps. We work together with your organizations cross functional team and perform in-depth analysis of your Current-State based on operational data points. We help to build design guide and complete roadmap that will generate optimal performance results for Future-state.

We help you in the key RCM areas to improve cash flow, decrease denials and reduce bad depth and improve the operational viability of your organization by implementing redesign strategies and solutions around the revenue cycle.

Standard Workflow Development

We help our clients to design, implement business suitable workflow policies and procedures across the entire RCM operations.

Analyze process improvement and workflow management 

We help out clients to analyze, identify and implement operational improvements to revenue cycle process, systems to maximize cash flow.

RCM Strategies

We help our clients to design operational strategies (short-term, long-term and on-going), create standards, develop centralized data source for billing and system processes and redesign workflows and procedures across business domain.

System Optimization

We assist our clients with optimizing their processes, profiles, CDM (Charge Description Master) by optimizing data capture regarding all appropriate charges; promote accurate, timely billing, and facilitate effective patient account follow-up.