Order Fulfillment System

Order fulfillment centers have their own challenges when an order is placed. Validating fraud check, payment authorization, appropriate order split and fulfill within an hour is an important aspect of fulfillment. Achieving this with full automation and digitization was part of this project and extremely important for revenue generation.


AWS and GCP, Message-oriented architecture, batch data processing, SQL and NoSQL databases, event-driven design, notification services. Kafka, NodeJs, Angular, GraphQL.


This is the most important functionality in any retail industry. It can be pharmacies or any other retail industry. Once a customer places an order, it goes through multiple steps. Automating multiple systems without losing customer order details, personal information and credit card information was the main challenge.


Designing a fail-safe fulfillment system was not easy. Multiple factors need to be considered e.g.: fraud validation, inventory check, item availability for particular location; item needs to be split into multiple shipments; packaging and shipping label automation, safe storage.

We have been involved since the inception of the project, and have gathered every inch of details, volume and overall business delivery requirements. Based on the requirements, we came up with an end-to-end architectural solution. We engaged a team of experts who developed this solution from scratch. We helped client to form message-oriented solution which helps not only to handle workload but also to deliver fail-safe solution. We also get involved in how to full-fill orders, keep track of inventory, which item is selling most, and all business analytical details.

Our SMEs helped to design this solution using latest cloud technologies, message-oriented architecture which is fault-tolerant, fast and reliable.


This solution helped client to increase in overall order flow and customer demand, quick product delivery and huge revenue growth. Client was extremely happy with the solution. This project gave the client millions of dollars in revenue.