Medical Records Management

Displaying healthcare documents online and securely making them available for download is crucial in healthcare. Handling healthcare documents and metadata in a secure manner is very important as it contains customers' PHI and PII information. This information that falls into the wrong hands can cause major disasters for any caregiver or service provider.


Microsoft AZURE Cloud, Notification system, Java 11, Spring Boot, APIGEE, Multiregional Cloud relational database, REDIS Caching strategy, ReactJs, GraphQL


Getting medical records (health checkups, labs, PHR, EMR, EHR, EOB etc) in near real-time is very difficult in the health industry. Client having this issue to download medical records or lab results in real time.

Client is looking to design fully modernized, digitized and real time solution for providing healthcare documents.


We designed a portal for our clients so customers can order or download their healthcare records online. This end-to-end solution design connecting with multiple healthcare systems, 3rd party providers, and other caregivers. This solution helps clients securely store healthcare documents on their devices. This information comes from external labs (or external sources), preparing document metadata, and reformatting document format as business required. Customers are also able to download their past medical records as per HIPPA compliance law.

We work with clients to set up their infrastructure, application design, technology selection, development, and delivery.


Once this solution was delivered successfully client was very happy and able to save 1.5 million of dollars in document shipping, customer calls, improved client satisfaction, increased customer flow.