Item Returns Processing

Returned orders or items are always overhead for any organization. To process returns with minimum cost helps to reduce losses for the organization. Designing fully automated and digital solutions helps to reduce this cost.


GCP/AWS, APIGEE,  Java (Spring-Boot) NodeJs, ReactJs, Multiregional Relational Database, Kafka, email service, notification service.


Client was looking to automate customer returns experience. It was challenging to design a system in which, customer returns item or associate wants to process items which are not picked up by customer within a time frame. Usually these kind of system requires integration with multiple systems, needs to return money back to customer, and also make sure item will not get processed multiple times for refund.


Customer usually receives their money back which they paid if item is returned within standard return time-frame. Individual store/industry have their own time-frame to restock those items. Some stores can keep the item 7 to 10 days before they process returns (Pharmacies it might be less based on the prescription and medicine expiration), restock the items and customer receive their money back.

We work hand to hand with our existing clients tech team. We got involved from the beginning of the requirement gathering phase; analyzed, designed, developed, and delivered a cloud-based, fully modernized, analytics-driven solution. We helped our client with industry standard design for their business.


We recommended industry-standard solution infrastructure using GCP, helped client to redesign existing services to make them more scalable and fault tolerant.

The overall solution helped customers streamline their returns process. After implementation of this solution, client was able to save a good amount of dollars on resources and inventory management and item loss.