Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data is a precious corporate asset. Shouldn’t you treat it like one? Harness your data to drive business insights, automation, process improvement, and innovation.

Your competitors are using data for more than reporting. You can become “data nimble” through the cloud, artificial intelligence, and modern approaches to data architectures. By pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional business intelligence, you’ll be positioned to transform data into information that accelerates business insight, ensures operational excellence, and gives you a competitive advantage.

What is data and analytics modernization ??

Data and analytics modernization is the process of shifting your data and analytics ecosystem to something more scalable, agile, and future-ready. When you move away from legacy data and analytics systems to modernized ones, you remove the traditional obstacles of dealing with growing data demands (cost of retooling, complicated integrations, inability to harness new technology, etc.) and you gain greater analytical functionality.

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AI Expansion – We help you move past the proof of concept stage and scale your AI transformation company-wide for a broader and more rewarding impact. Our artificial intelligence consultants will work out the best long-term AI strategy to help you create a sustainable, cohesive AI-driven ecosystem for your business.

Are you struggling to

  • Integrate new data sources as they become available

  • Enable fast and easy access to large volumes of data

  • Incorporate real-time data

  • Adapt analytics to changing business needs

  • Perform more advanced analytics like data science and machine learning

  • Take advantage of new analytics innovations and technologies


Why Arihant Information Systems?

We help forward-thinking IT leaders design, use, and manage technology to enable business goals and improve outcomes. Our services in strategy, infrastructure, and operations are rooted in technical expertise in infrastructure modernization and hybrid cloud, IT operations, managed services, and cybersecurity.

By leveraging real-world healthcare expertise across advisory, implementation, and managed services in Healthcare; our clients can leverage comprehensive capabilities within a single, customer-oriented consulting firm.

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Data and Analytics Modernization Services

Making informed decisions is more achievable now than ever before if you have modern solutions, processes, and technologies in place. We help companies modernize all aspects of their data and analytics.

Modern Data Architecture Design: To handle increasing data demands, you need an infrastructure that enables easier, faster, and more flexible access to large volumes of data and different data sources. We build agile, cloud-based, future-ready modern data architectures that serve as the foundational hub to all your data and analytics needs and improve how you collect, store, transform, distribute, and use your data.

Cloud Deployments and Migrations: We help companies modernize their data architectures by building, deploying, and securing cloud-based solutions for their data and analytics assets. By deploying your data and analytics workloads in the cloud, you can realize benefits such as simplified infrastructure management, flexible scalability, and cost savings. Some of our cloud services include cloud readiness assessments, initial platform standup, cloud vendor recommendations, moving data warehouses to the cloud, and cloud-native/ serverless solutions.


Enriched Analytics and Reporting:

We help companies migrate from traditional analytics and reporting tools to newer, next-gen platforms so they can take advantage of the new features that modern technologies offer, including intuitive visualizations that handle complex datasets, embedded analytics, real-time analytics, built-in AI capabilities, better collaboration, etc.

Modern Data Management Approach: To solve modern data problems and take advantage of new data opportunities, you need a sound methodology and approach to data management. We help companies develop and implement a modern data management approach that establishes how to effectively handle data throughout its lifecycle so you can turn your data into valuable information that is accessible throughout the company.

Data and Analytics Modernization Roadmap: Modernizing data and analytics is not a single action or tool. It’s not just building better dashboards and democratizing data; it involves rethinking how you use data and analytics as a company. We help companies develop an overarching data strategy and long-term guiding roadmap for their data modernization initiatives.

Analytics Modernization Quick Start :

Over the course of a few weeks, our analytics experts will assess your current analytics environment, develop a custom plan for migrating to a more modern platform, and start the migration process by modernizing a few of your reports.