Curbside Pickup

Product getting delivered to you or in your car without even touching the item, is that wonderful. Covid-19, when social distancing is most important, this is the only business model working for the retail industry, and they started offering curbside pickup. Making sure a customer gets what they want on time is of prime importance to maintain revenue.


Mainframe, JBoss servers, Relational Database, Caching strategy, Firebase notification, Java 11, Spring Boot, NodeJs, ReactJs, APIGEE.


Maintaining social distancing retail industry wants to make sure customers are able to order online and able to pick up from the dedicated pickup zone. Goal of this project is to design a system which helps customers to place order online, help retailers to full-fill order, track (real-time) customer when they are arriving for pick-up, and also send messages to customer and associate about their arrival. Once customer arrived order delivered them into their vehicle.


This was the biggest achievement for us and our client during Covid-19 period. We involved, where our SMEs discussed the solution alongside with business; understood requirements, analyzed their existing order platform, extended existing workflow to support additional curbside pickup requirements, pickup flow, designed dynamic back-end system, added NEW live tracking solution, implemented notification system to inform customer and store associate with status of the order and customer arrival. Overall, providing best end-to-end solution to our customers.


This solution during the pandemic gave good increase in revenue, increased sells, improved productivity. This application greatly appreciated and helped our client to reduce their losses and bring back their revenue during COVID-19.