Medical Request forms

Requesting medical records and getting them back on time is always a challenge. Either you are looking for medical records, for school, employment, or other important reasons. Many times you have changed service provider and would like to transfer your medical records. Making quick online requests for your medical records, labs and getting it fulfilled quickly without lengthy manual process was the achievement of this project.


IBM Bluemix, Apigee, Containerized application, Java, Spring-boot, Angular, Relational Database, Message Queue, Notification Service, Email service.


Every time a patient wants to transfer the medical record or would like to request records for a 3rd party was a challenge. They have to fill-out the manual form and send it to the caregiver. Then request gets fulfilled and patient receives documents after a week or sometimes takes more time.

Project requirement was to create an online portal behind secured authentication for patients so they can request FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), Disability, Medical records.


Using Cloud Technologies (IBM Bluemix, GGP) and containerized applications, we designed this solution for clients. Securely captured customer's PII and stored in the backend database, which further helps to generate reports. We helped clients design end to end solutions for medical forms (FMLA, Disability, Request medical records). We were involved during the requirement gathering and designing phase. Our engineers developed an end to end system to securely capture customer requests, provide email notifications to the customer, capture different-form data in a back-end database, process it digitally without losing information and deliver requested records on-time.


This secure solution helped our clients to save millions which they were spending on manual processing and shipping. The patient was very happy with the outcome and the turnaround time of this project.