Retail - Order Management System

Ask: Our client facing an issue with abandoned returns. Items laying on the stores floor, if customer did not pickup within time. After certain time period item goes back to shelf if customer does not pick up. Individual store/industry have their own time-frame to restock those items. Some stores can keep the item 7 to 10 days before they process returns (Pharmacies it might vary based on the prescription) and customer receive their money back.

Solution: Our team on-boarded since the beginning of requirement gathering phase, worked hand to hand with client during gathered requirements, analyzed, designed, development and delivery. We helped our retail client to identify best solution for their business case in which customer purchases new item OR returns existing purchased order OR unable to pick order on time. We recommended industry standard infrastructure using GCP, helped client to redesign existing services to made them more scalable and fault tolerant.

Results: Overall solution helped customer to streamline process and overall technical solution. After implementation of this solution client able to save good millions of dollars on resources and inventory management and item loss.

Our GCP SMEs provided secure and reliable solution which help them not only process returns in the real time but also help to identify items eligibility for return. Items which are purchased using rewards points or gift cards considered as a special case while processing returns. While dealing with purchase/returns information, we made sure to take care of customers personal information and as well as end to end security. Our streamline payment solution helped our clients to process customers purchase and returns smoothly.

Healthcare - Handling of Medical records

Displaying healthcare documents and securely deliver it to the customer is a crucial part of any healthcare industry. Handling healthcare documents and metadata in secure manner is very important as it contains customers PHI and PII information. This information in the wrong hands can cause major disaster for healthcare service provider.

Ask: Getting medical record (Health checkups, labs, PHR, EMR, EHR, EOB etc) in near real time is very difficult in health industry. Client having this issue to deliver medical record or health record to customer or to 3rd party caregiver was time consuming.

Securely deliver healthcare document or display on medical portal to individual patient or to 3rd party caregiver was primary goal of this application.

Solution: We helped our client to provide secure and reliable way so customer can order or download their healthcare documents online. The end to end solution securely storing healthcare documents coming from external labs (or external sources), preparing document metadata, reformatting document format as business required. Customer able to download their past medical records as per the HIPPA compliance law.

Our team engaged with client for setting up their infrastructure, application design, technology selection, platform selection.

Results: Once this solution delivered successfully client was very happy and able to save 1M+ of dollars in document shipping, customer calls, improved client satisfaction, increased customer flow.

Curbside Pickup

During covid-19 pandemic when world started following social distancing; retail industries started offering curbside pickup. Making sure customer gets what they want on time is prime importance to maintain revenue.

Ask: Maintaining social distancing retail industry wants to make sure customer able to order online and able to pick up from the dedicated pickup area. Goal of this project is to design system which helps customer to place order online, help retailers to full-fill order, track (real-time) customer when they are arriving for pick-up, able to sent messages about their order and deliver them into their vehicle.

Solution: This was the biggest achievement for our team, where our SMEs came alongside with business; understood requirements, analyzed their existing order system, extended existing workflow to support additional curbside requirement, designed backend system, added new live tracking system, implemented notification system to inform customer with status of the order. Overall provided end-to-end solution to our customers.

Results: This application greatly appreciated and helped our client to reduce their losses and bring back their revenue during COVID.

Healthcare - Medical Request forms

Requesting medical records and getting them back on time is always a challenge. Sometime when patient change their service provider, or needs medical information for school, employment or many other important reasons.

Ask: Project requirement was to create a online portal behind the authentication for patients so they can request FMLA, Disability, Medical records from their caregiver.

Solution: Using Cloud Technologies and containerized application, designed this solution along with client's SMEs. Gather customer's PII securely and send back to different back-end systems which helps to generate reports. We helped client designing medical forms (FMLA, Disability, Request medical records). We designed end-to-end system which helps to capture required information in real time and immediately deliver to back-end systems. We involved during requirement gathering and designing phase. Our engineer designed end to end system to securely capture customers request, provide notification to customer, store different forms data in back-end database, process them without loosing information and deliver requested medical records within time frame to customer or 3rd party.

Results: This secure solution helped our client to earn millions of dollars in revenue with complete client satisfaction.

Order completion and Item fulfillment

Ask: Most important functionality once customer order items is processing those orders and send it to fulfillment center. Customer was looking for streamlined, reliable, faster e-commerce solution for their fulfillment center (warehouse center).

Solution: Our team of expert involved, and gathered every inch of details, regional details, supply chain issues etc. Based on the requirement, team of experts designed POC which helps organization not only develop fault tolerant system but also understand how to full-fill orders, keep track of inventory, which item selling most and all business analytical details. One of the challenge online e-commerce industry face is order completion/fulfillment. Streamlining fulfillment process using proper channel, technology helps business to provide better service and deliver product on time.

Our SMEs designed this solution using latest cloud technologies, message queues and multiprocessing cloud servers which is fault tolerant, fast and reliable.

Result: This solution helped client to increase in customer flow, quick product delivery and revenue growth.

Ask: Design and develop healthcare search engine which helps members and non-member users to search information on the server.

Solution: Implementing site search engine for any business has its own challenge. Implementation of crawler, indexing, search, caching, optimizing and creating new pages requires specialized skills. We engaged with client, understood their requirements and provided up to date, industry standard search solution which helped their member as well as non-members easily find required information. Its then used to find healthcare plans, point of contact, internal blogs, pharmacy details etc.

Result: Client was very excited when they saw this solution with millisecond response time. Our analytics team also helped client to capture most frequent search, most visited pages as well as demographics.

Price Adjustments

Price adjustments includes discounts, offers, deals, holiday specials, time constraint offers are always a big challenge to handle for distributed environment. Price change can gets more complicated when it considered at regional, zonal or seasonal level. Publishing price drop or price up in advance or in real time can be a big headache, if not handled correctly. To resolve this, Our team joined hand to hand with client and came up with latest and greatest design using cloud technologies. We effectively used cloud services to provide distributed solution to client so their customer can get smooth and streamlined experience and our clients can see big revenue increase. We provided secure and reliable solution which can integrate existing on-prem services with new latest and greatest cloud design. This not only increased our clients revenue but also helped us to build our long term trust.