Order Management System

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Our client facing an issue with abandoned returns. Items laying on the stores floor, if customer did not pickup within time. After certain time period item goes back to shelf if customer does not pick up. Individual store/industry have their own time-frame to restock those items. Some stores can keep the item 7 to 10 days before they process returns (Pharmacies it might vary based on the prescription) and customer receive their money back.



Our team on-boarded since the beginning of requirement gathering phase, worked hand to hand with client during gathered requirements, analyzed, designed, development and delivery. We helped our retail client to identify best solution for their business case in which customer purchases new item OR returns existing purchased order OR unable to pick order on time. We recommended industry standard infrastructure using GCP, helped client to redesign existing services to made them more scalable and fault tolerant.


We Delivered

The overall solution helped customers to streamline processes and overall technical solutions. After implementation of this solution, client was able to save good millions of dollars on resources and inventory management and item loss.


We help to achieve Increase in Revenue and Decrease your cycle time to market.

Our clients decrease their cycle time to market, increase in security, customer satisfaction, increase in revenue, eliminate errors & inefficiencies and save 10% to 15% of annual cost.


Why Arihant Information Systems?

Why Arihant Information Systems?Arihant Information Systems helps forward-thinking IT leaders to design, use, and mange technology to enable business goals and improve outcomes. Our services in strategy, infrastructure, and operations are rooted in technical expertise in infrastructure modernization and hybrid cloud, IT operations and managed services, and cybersecurity.

By leveraging the real-world healthcare experts at Arihant Information Systems across advisory, implementation, and managed services, Healthcare organizations can leverage comprehensive capabilities within a single, customer-oriented consulting firm.

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