Order Management System

Our team optimized a large retail chain's order management system using GCP, Java 11, Spanner DB, and APIGEE, resulting in faster order processing times, greater scalability, and improved integration capabilities, leading to increased customer satisfaction, higher sales, and increased profitability.


Our client, a big retail chain with hundreds of stores across the USA, was facing challenges in managing their online order process efficiently. The client's existing order management system was outdated and lacked integration with other systems, leading to inefficiencies and delays in order processing. The system also did not have the capability to handle large volumes of orders during peak periods.


Our team was brought in to help the client optimize their order management system. We started by conducting an analysis of the client's existing order management process and identified key areas for improvement. Our solution involved implementing a modern order management system that would be capable of handling large volumes of orders and integrating with other systems.

To achieve this, we utilized Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to deploy the system, leveraging Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to manage containerized Java applications and Cloud Load Balancing to distribute traffic across multiple instances. We used Java 11 as the programming language for our application, and Spring Boot to simplify application configuration and development.

We also utilized Spanner DB as our primary database, due to its scalability, consistency, and high availability. This allowed us to handle the high read and write traffic of our application, while also providing us with a globally-distributed, relational database.

Finally, we utilized APIGEE as the gateway for our system's APIs, providing us with security, caching, rate limiting, and analytics capabilities. APIGEE also allowed us to quickly build and manage our APIs with its intuitive web-based interface.


The client saw significant improvements in their order management process and results after implementing our solution. Some key results included:

  • Improved order processing times, resulting in faster delivery times and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Greater scalability and flexibility to handle peak season demand and future growth.
  • Enhanced integration capabilities with other systems, resulting in more streamlined and efficient processes.
  • Improved visibility and control over the order management process, allowing the client to make more informed decisions and react more quickly to changing market conditions.

Overall, our solution helped the client to achieve a more efficient and effective order management system, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, higher sales, and increased profitability.


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