Healthcare Medical Records

Our team helped a large healthcare insurance provider optimize their medical record management system with IBM Bluemix, Java 11, and APIGEE, resulting in improved access, flexibility, integration, and data security, leading to better patient care, insurance coverage decisions, and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Our client, a large healthcare insurance provider (Kaiser Permanente), was facing challenges in managing and sharing medical records across its network of hospitals, clinics, and insurance providers. The client's existing systems for managing electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) were outdated and lacked integration with other systems, leading to inefficiencies and delays in accessing and sharing patient data.


Our team was brought in to help the client optimize their medical record management system. We started by conducting an analysis of the client's existing systems and identified key areas for improvement. Our solution involved implementing a modern medical record management system that would be capable of securely managing and sharing patient data across the entire network.

To achieve this, we utilized IBM Bluemix to deploy the system, leveraging Java 11 as the programming language for our application. We also utilized APIGEE as the gateway for our system's APIs, providing us with security, caching, rate limiting, and analytics capabilities. We deployed the system both on-premises and in the cloud, to provide the client with the flexibility to choose the best deployment option for their needs.

We also implemented a robust data security strategy that included strong encryption, access controls, and auditing capabilities to ensure the privacy and security of patient data.


The client saw significant improvements in their medical record management process and results after implementing our solution. Some key results included:

  • Improved access to patient data, resulting in more efficient and effective patient care and insurance coverage decisions.
  • Greater flexibility and scalability, allowing the client to manage and share patient data across their entire network of hospitals, clinics, and insurance providers.
  • Enhanced integration capabilities with other systems, resulting in more streamlined and efficient processes.
  • Improved data security and privacy, ensuring the protection of patient data and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Overall, our solution helped the client to achieve a more efficient and effective medical record management system, resulting in improved patient care and insurance coverage decisions, higher levels of trust, and increased compliance with regulatory requirements.


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