Handling Medical Records

Displaying healthcare documents and securely deliver it to the customer is a crucial part of any healthcare industry. Handling healthcare documents and metadata in secure manner is very important as it contains customers PHI and PII information. This information in the wrong hands can cause major disaster for healthcare service provider.



Getting medical records (Health checkups, labs, PHR, EMR, EHR, EOB etc) in near real-time is very difficult in the health industry. Client having this issue to deliver medical records or health records to customers or to 3rd party caregivers was time-consuming.

Securely delivering healthcare document or display on the medical portal to an individual patient or to 3rd party caregiver was a primary goal of this application.


We Delivered

We helped our clients to provide a secure and reliable way so customers can order or download their healthcare documents online. The end-to-end solution securely stores healthcare documents coming from external labs (or external sources), preparing document metadata, and reformatting document format as business required. Customers are able to download their past medical records as per the HIPPA compliance law.

Our team engaged with clients for setting up their infrastructure, application design, technology selection, and platform selection.



Once this solution was delivered successfully client was very happy and able to save 1M+ of dollars in document shipping, customer calls, improved client satisfaction, increased customer flow.



We help to achieve Increase in Revenue and Decrease your cycle time to market.

Our clients decrease their cycle time to market, increase in security, customer satisfaction, increase in revenue, eliminate errors & inefficiencies and save 10% to 15% of annual cost.


Why Arihant Information Systems?

Why Arihant Information Systems?Arihant Information Systems helps forward-thinking IT leaders to design, use, and mange technology to enable business goals and improve outcomes. Our services in strategy, infrastructure, and operations are rooted in technical expertise in infrastructure modernization and hybrid cloud, IT operations and managed services, and cybersecurity.

By leveraging the real-world healthcare experts at Arihant Information Systems across advisory, implementation, and managed services, Healthcare organizations can leverage comprehensive capabilities within a single, customer-oriented consulting firm.

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