Arihant information systems is hub of technology experts and proven healthcare industry expertise.

With over 10 years of healthcare technology exposure across many hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and life science segments, our healthcare solutions ensure to improve the patient care experience while maintaining regulatory compliance and data-driven requirements. We focus on providing innovative solutions to providers, payers, and medical technology vendors creating today’s most innovative health solutions.

Deliver Evolutionary Healthcare Technology Solutions

Arihant Information Systems has been developing and delivering solutions for hospitals, pharmacies and health systems for 10 years. Our team of experts helps to reduce duplication, save time, and improve patient safety, through faster and more efficient sharing of information.


Benefits for Hospitals, Pharmacies and Clinics

Millisecond sharing

We provide an integrated platform where healthcare information from various data sources is consolidated and shared immediately, with the ability to view via digital devices (desktop or mobile). All members of a patient’s healthcare network can identify, manage, and contribute to the medical record, resulting in more accurate medical care, less duplication of services and improved care coordination across teams.

Value care

Our solutions are modular in design, so key functionalities can be delivered as your business needs and can be added as value grows. Management across back office, finance and ancillary departments help to ensure resources are being allocated effectively and improves operational efficiencies, driving costs down whilst maintaining quality of care.

Improved patient flow

We provide a fully integrated set of application to ensure the smooth management of patient flow. With the automation of key processes and improved clinical efficiency, patient safety is ensured from admission through to discharge and ongoing home care, resulting in better use of hospital capacity and ensuring patients' time within the system is worthwhile.

Quality experience

We use the latest standards in healthcare integration and interoperability to ensure the secure capture and presentation of trusted patient data.

Arihant Information Systems Contributed towards healthcare

  • Our application helped to securely deliver healthcare document, medical records to customer and 3rd party medical users (upon consent).
  • User to order prescription online.
  • Helps user to change, update and modify personal information, update notification preferences.
  • Enroll user for health coverage and plans.
  • Helped doctors, nurses and clinical staff to search internal healthcare solution via indexing, content loading, application grouping.
  • Secure PHI, PII information (Cloud and on-Prem)

Why We Are In Healthcare

Healthcare Expertise

We have over 10 years of experience working with the industry’s leading Healthcare technology companies. By specializing in this space, we are deeply committed to data integrity, compliance and confidentiality because we truly understand to protect your data.

For industries like Healthcare and Life Sciences with slow platforms, processing errors, or development bottlenecks issues are critical. This is why we use industry best practices in cloud computing, data protection, application modernization and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver the most secure, high-performance platforms possible.

Data Management & Security

We understand the importance of data security, confidentiality and eliminate access to patient data for developers and quality engineers.

Our SMEs leverage deep experience with anonymized synthetic data and validate all features while protecting the identity of actual patients. Implementations where access to PHI is unavoidable, we hire local resources that are trained in and subject to US-HIPAA laws and regulations governing the protection of patient healthcare information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII)

Healthcare Regulations

We adhere to clients’ standard operating procedures and require in-depth training on the latest U.S. Healthcare IT regulations for our Healthcare teams, including:

  • PCI
  • HIPAA Confidentiality
  • Sunshine Act
  • GMP Standards
  • ISO 27001
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 820 Policies
  • ICD10

Industry Compliance

  • We design and build software in conjunction with customers based on intended business use case and rarely (if ever) need access to live customer/patient data.
  • We provide training helps ensure compliance with BAAs and other HIPAA guidelines governing confidentiality.
  • We carry insurance specifically designed to address coverage for HIPAA and other confidentiality issues as dictated by law and most BAAs.
  • Testing occurs in sandbox environments with mock or anonymized data that does not represent actual protected healthcare information (PHI).
  • Our employees are trained under US law and BAAs governing confidentiality and protection of protected healthcare information as well as personally identifiable information.