Dhaval Desai : Founder

He came as an immigrant to USA in 2009 from India, a country which brings strong cultural values and respect for all.

He completed his Masters in Computer Science from University of Alabama (UAH) located at Huntsville, a city also known as Rocket city.
Being influenced by excellent researchers and scientists from UAH who are working for NASA, Boeing, Redstone Arsenal allowed him to have wide perspective and inclination towards technology.

With years of experience in health care and retail industries, he has developed a keen eye to identify hurdles that clients face when working with technologies. He decided to start his own IT consulting firm to reach even more clients and help streamline their business by providing industry standard one stop solution for healthcare and retail.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhaval-r-desai/

Experience working with Companies and Clients:

Rupal Desai : Co-Founder

She comes from a wonderful city of New Orleans bringing lively vibes to the firm. She completed her Bachelors in Computer Science from University of New Orleans. She also finished graduate level course work in Database Management Systems from same university.

She has been working with finance industries for over 10 years. She had the privilege to work closely with revenue and asset management teams. Understanding their needs and building efficient software for processing of loans, auctioning properties and providing insurance. She is excited to apply all this expertise for our finance clients.Add block

Dharmesh Desai: Co-Founder

He started his journey in the IT industry 2012 with Gameloft software where is gained significant insight for Mobile Gaming software development and how to handle core memory, app deployment issue in small devices. He completed his master's in computer science from University of New Orleans(UNO) also famous for city of jazz. He gained amazing work experience in UNO from professors Dr Stephen Ware in Narrative Intelligence lab in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. (Research paper: https://scholarworks.uno.edu/td/2314/ shows use of AI to simulate suspect movement).

After graduation he gained good experience in Retail, Airline and automobile industry, he pursued his interest and develop skills in web and mobile technologies.

Experience working with Companies and Clients: